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Following spree of food poisonings, Il Forno renamed to ILL Forno

DURHAM, NC—Upon returning to campus after Spring Break, students were greeted with the same familiar overpriced Italian cuisine, now operating under a new name. Il Forno, a WU mainstay, had been renamed to ILL Forno. The name change comes following a recent spree of food related illnesses experienced by Il Forno patrons.

The restaurant is known for offering a wide variety of pizzas, flavorless wings, Sam’s Club cookies, and pasta soup dishes. On any given day, WU-goers line up to watch a minimum wage employee throw exposed, unrefrigerated ingredients into a saucepan with their desired perpetual sauce that has been sitting since the restaurant’s inception.

Spending quality time together for such prolonged periods has led to the creation of a strong Il Forno fanbase, which emphatically protects its so-called “sacred sauce spot.” This group has led an outcry against the sudden name change with the fanbase arguing it disrespects the Italian language, undermines Il Forno’s community, and disregards the Duke difference in a recent letter to Duke Dining.

Duke Dining responded in a public memo last Monday explaining the decision was part of its recent attempts to provide transparency to students. Additionally, the letter doubled down on the name-changing policy, announcing that Sazón would be renamed to Sazón-less.



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