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Freshman stroking nugget unsure at what point stresses will go away

ABELE QUAD—Despite petting Nugget for a good three minutes, freshman Kate Davis is still unsure at what point her stresses will go away.

Although she is rubbing the golden retriever’s ears and repeatedly asking “who’s a good boy,” Davis still feels the clenched chest, raised heartbeat, and general sense of panic that has quickly come to define her experience at Duke.

“Nugget is such a cute dog,” the potential Pre-Med student told owner Keith as her mind ran through the English paper she still has to write, her failing Chem grade that seems beyond repairable at this point, and her strained relationship with her parents. Overwhelmed by these seemingly never ending stresses, she followed her statement with a simple “so when is this supposed to start working?” to Keith.

Still plagued with anxiety, it appears Davis has started walking to Keohane to pet Peaches instead.



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