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Girl blowing Juul smoke into sweatshirt worried she's "too addicted to her work"

PERKINS LIBRARY—Junior Izzy Johnson, exhaling smoke from her Juul e-cigarette into her sweatshirt at a table in Perkins Library, worried aloud to friends that she is “too addicted to her work.”

Sources at a nearby couch observed Johnson tell the table of her peers that she “just gets a rush” that she “can’t seem to quit” from signing up for the hardest classes, research opportunities, and club responsibilities as she breathed in nicotine from her Juul, pulled her sweatshirt over her mouth, and very subtly exhaled the vapor.

Johnson discussed how it felt “practically impossible” to give up an extracurricular commitment, while still managing to conceal her Juul smoke from library staff.

At press time, other friends at the table were nodding in agreement regarding Johnson’s concern about constantly over-scheduling herself as they formed lines of cocaine using their Duke IDs.



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