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Girl really making sure everyone can see her fawn over Nugget

PENN PAVILION—After returning from an arduously long fall break, Jessica Short (Trinity ‘25) was excited to return to her semester long project of making sure every single person who passes by WU knows that she loves Nugget more than anyone else.

“I just don’t think people get how much I love Nugget,” Short said. “I love animals so much. I even put that as my fun fact on the Class of 2025 Instagram page. I think me and Nugget have a special connection.”

Several residents of West Campus have noted seeing Short pacing around Main Quad during odd hours of the night, only interacting with others in the presence of Nugget.

“She’s like, always there,” said Jake Mullen (Trinity ‘24), a resident of Few Quad. “Everytime I go to get food, I suddenly hear ‘Oh my god! You’re so cute!!’”

When asked if Nugget’s owner, Keith, has anything to say about Short’s omnipresence, Short merely commented, “Wait, I thought Keith was also a dog.”

Short was reportedly seen running over Peaches on a Bird scooter outside Keohane Quad recently. She did not respond in time for comment.



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