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Girl who used to mock my small eyes now scolding me for not embracing my culture

DURHAM, NC—Jessica Cannon, who used to love pulling at the sides of her eyes to make them “look like mine” and loudly laugh at her own uncanny impression, is now extremely dismayed by my lack of enthusiasm for Chinese traditions.

“You didn’t do anything to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?” Jessica, who used to ask me if I’d eaten dog for breakfast, reproachfully asks me.

“You really should, you know. It’s such a beautiful celebration. I can’t believe you don’t care about your own family’s culture. It’s honestly kind of disrespectful,” continues Cannon, who used to routinely call me Ching-Chong. “I know if I were Chinese I would proudly celebrate all holidays, just to show respect for Chinese culture.”

Fuck, I miss when she was racist.



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