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"I'm just here with my friends," says first-year who would kill a small child to get into Cooper

CROWELL EE–First-year rushee Becky Briggs has been telling both herself and others that she isn’t really serious about rush, because she’s just tagging along with her friends. And while she would immediately abandon any of them to get into Cooper, she wants to make sure others know she’s only at rush events because her friends are.

When approached by other rushees, Briggs, who spent 2 hours the previous night picking out an outfit, made sure they knew she didn’t even care about the event and had just decided to come last-minute.

“I just think the whole rush process is so arbitrary anyways. Like, it’s crazy that they make bids after a few conversations,” comments Briggs, who would sacrifice at least four family members to get one.

At press time, Briggs is nervously joking at a rush event that she’d rather join Wungus anyways as she fidgets with the knife in her pocket.



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