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“If you liked the tour my name is David, if not, my name is Matt,” says tour guide with amnesia

DURHAM, NC—As visitors stood and laughed at the classic joke, tour guide Jerry Eastman (Trinity ‘23) stared in confusion at the chuckling families. “All I said was that if they liked the tour, my name is David, and if they didn’t, my name is Matt. Maybe they were laughing at someone else, but no one actually clarified what my name is.”

Freshman year, Eastman felt inspired after watching “Memento” for the first time. Hoping to become just like the hero of his new favorite movie, Eastman repeatedly dove headfirst into his wall for several hours straight until he suffered significant memory loss. Unfortunately, Eastman forgot how to do literally anything except give tours at Duke University. He has been giving tours for 12 years now. He never even went to Duke. We have no idea how he learned any information about the school in the first place.



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