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In effort to prevent on-campus sexual assault, Duke bans women

ABELE QUAD, NC—This evening, Duke Administrators announced a new policy to combat sexual assault on campus by banning women from campus. “We are excited to announce our new initiative to reduce sexual assault on campus by banning all female and female-identifying students and faculty. We believe that these measures will create a safer learning environment for all,” explained Provost Sally Kornbluth.

The policy also includes a reduction in the Psychology department faculty and new security measures. “In addition to the blue security lights, we are placing pink lights throughout campus that should be pressed if a student sees a woman,” elaborated Duke Police Chief John Dailey.

Following this announcement, many female students reported being dragged out of their rooms by security guards.Sophomore Ali Weisenberg (Trinity ‘24) was reportedly heard yelling “What in the Handmaid’s Tale is this!”

While there has been an overwhelmingly positive response among the male student body amid this policy change, multiple groups on campus have cited concerns. Lucy Wu, president of Business Oriented Women, explained, “Honestly, I am a bit worried. Our sweatshirts for the semester have already been ordered and I’m not sure if we can change ‘BOW’ into ‘BOM.’”

Other members of the Duke community expressed doubts about this policy change in relation to the newly established Christopher Roy Scholarship For Women.



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