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Inspiring: Short Film Opens With Shot of Alarm Clock Going Off

ARTS ANNEX—Declaring the artistic venture “pretty much the coolest shit I’ve ever done,” VMS major Albert Pace (Trinity ’23) is currently on top of the world. Pace’s untitled short film has received critical praise from those who have previewed it, including his mother, roommate, that kid down the hall who always leaves his door open, and his extremely sincere professor.

“I really thought it was brilliant,” wrote @pacealbert on Twitter. “I mean, I was skeptical at first, but, boy, let me tell you… what a film! I didn’t really believe the hype…. Thought it was bullshit, y’know? But this was something else.”

The film is purely in black-and-white and employs the use of flashbacks and a non-linear story. When asked about his greatest inspirations, Pace stated he was “unsure of it. I mean… I don’t really like to copy others, you get me? Inspiration can turn to plagiarism quick, and I wanna avoid that. This is all me.”

His roommate, the sole cast member aside from Pace (who is the star of his own movie), has reportedly been told to “shut up and just pretend you’re in Pulp Fiction meets Groundhog Day.” Pace did not seem to have a public relations team available to comment.

The film will be screening in Pace’s dorm every day and the Trinity Commons movie theater when Pace figures out how to reserve it.



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