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Local turkey accepts imminent death with surprising grace and wisdom

THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE—Awaiting his inevitable execution, local turkey Reginald practices mindfulness, accepting that death is what gives life its precious, fleeting beauty.

“While my life is coming to an end, I find joy in the fact that I may bring nourishment and happiness through my physical body,” Reginald reflected. “My body is but an extension of my soul, a temporary fleshy vessel for my eternal spirit. Death should not be feared, but rather embraced as a regular part of Samsara, the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.”

Before his death, the turkey engaged in Anapanasati, a Buddhist deep-breathing meditation to achieve Samatha, tranquility of the mind. “I hope to leave this world peacefully without desire or regret, reaching Nirvana and liberating my soul.”



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