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Man supports times up, but wouldn't mind being catcalled himself

DURHAM, NC— Sophomore Justin Blanco told his friend on Tuesday that while he’s “all for” the cause of Times Up, he personally “won’t really mind” if he was the one being catcalled.

“Obviously women don’t deserve to be sexually harassed on the street, but honestly if a woman shouts out that I have a nice ass, I would take it as a compliment!” expressed Blanco, completely ignoring the shocking notion that repeated uninvited and unwanted attention just might make people feel unsafe.

“I would definitely call out people if they catcall my female friends, but god would it be nice if someone finally acknowledged that I DO have a big penis!” the brave, self-proclaimed feminist continued, because, come on, how could he resist the temptation to assume he knows what it really feels like to be a woman?

At press time, after being called out for making racist jokes, Blanco pointed out his Italian heritage makes him an expert on racism and claimed if people mocked him with an Italian accent he would laugh along as well.



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