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"Omg LDOC is on 4/20" says girl who snitched on her roommate for smoking weed

DURHAM, NC—As the end of the semester approaches, excitement for LDOC is growing on campus. The all-day party hasn’t truly happened in three years because of COVID, so students are eager as ever to participate in the festivities. One of the most fitting parts of this year’s LDOC is that the date falls on April 20th, a somewhat celebrated holiday dedicated to smoking weed.

“I can’t believe they scheduled LDOC for 4/20!” exclaimed Trish Knowles (Trinity ‘25). “They had to have done this on purpose, it’s just too funny. We’re gonna go sooooo crazy.” Many students alike are feeling the same way, rejoicing on the convergence of two major holidays for young adults. But Knowles’ roommate, Alex Johansen (Trinity ‘25), informed us that Knowles wasn’t typically so cuckoo for cannabis.

“She literally told the RA that I was smoking weed last week and got me on probation,” explained Johansen. “It’s not like I was bothering her by smoking in the room or something, she just snitched on me because she wanted to. And now she’s out here celebrating LDOC being on 4/20? How cringe is that?”

When asked for comment, Knowles justified her actions. “The smell is just so gross, I can’t take it! Besides, marijuana isn’t legal in North Carolina, and she should have known better. Maybe she’ll learn from this and stop being so lazy.” Knowles was later spotted online shopping for weed-leaf sunglasses to wear on LDOC.

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