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“Only in New York” says person who’s lived in New York for two days

NEW YORK, N.Y.—After witnessing a homeless man politely asking for spare change—a common occurrence in any populated area of the United States—recent college graduate Alex Weeber turned to me and said, “Only in New York, am I right?”

Weeber moved into his Upper East Side apartment just two days ago, and we asked him to tell us all about life in the Big Apple. He arrived two hours late after taking the wrong train, one that somehow led him to the Bronx. After calming him down over the phone and assuring him that he was not in “the ghetto,” we managed to get him to the coffee shop where we were supposed to meet back in Manhattan.

Still shaken from his journey to another borough, Weeber firmly stated, “We’re New Yorkers. We’re tough, but we still help each other out. Like the time Spider-Man stopped that train. His mask came off in the midst of it, but we all promised to keep his secret.” In hindsight, this probably explains why Alex pointed at the Chrysler building and asked if it was Stark Tower.



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