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Op-ed: Duke must protect international students, except for Winston Yau—fuck that guy

HONG KONG—The Duke community has rallied around fighting for international students to be able to study online from abroad without losing their student visa, with one exception: rising junior Winston Yau.

Known as “that annoying little bitch-ass” among people around him, many students have voiced their approval at the fact that Yau might get deported under the new immigration order.

“#AbolishICE. But fuck, when he cut in front of me at Il Forno I knew he would take away American spots. I mean, what’s he gonna take next, my internship?” expressed James Brodner in an online Facebook group advocating for ICE to deport Yau as its last act before dissolution.

“He was late to our first meeting in o-week when he was FAC-ing, and he showed up completely plastered to one of our FAC-chats. But in a way, he did kind of remind me of my absent father,” recollected Amadea Bock, one of his FAClets, who started the petition for ICE to deport Yau, which already has more signatures than the petition to protect visa statuses for international students.

Even his Editors in Chief at The Fluke News quietly support keeping Yau away from American soil, explaining that, “Winston’s article about choking sea turtles was just a little too much for us.”



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