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Op-ed: Just because we made eye contact doesn't mean I want a conversation

DURHAM, NC–Are we O-week friends? Are we in a class together and have never had a real interaction? Are all of our interactions as excruciating for you as they are for me? I have a solution for your desire to start a conversation with me every time we make eye contact: just ignore me!

There’s nothing more exciting to me than walking across campus while completely absorbed in a wonderful conservation with people I actually care about. That does not include you, someone I don't really know but have made eye contact with.

For some odd reason, there are some people that don’t understand my relationship with them and have instead decided time and time again to break the serenity of these wonderful moments.

Don’t do this.

I promise, if you ask me how my semester is going just because you feel compelled to speak with me given our acquaintanceship, I will say “fine” and walk away without engaging any further.

Next time that we make eye-contact, you may feel that spark and think “oh, how I have missed my acquaintance. Do they feel the same?” Let me tell you know, the answer is… no. Please pretend I don’t exist.



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