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Op-ed: My dad's been practicing social distancing since I was born

NY, NY—Yes, I live in New York. No, I don’t have COVID-19. And my family has long been ready for this outbreak: my father—aware of the detrimental effects that come from person-to-person contact—hasn’t been in the same room as my mother and me for 18 years. In fact, the second he learned my mother was pregnant, my father, out of the goodness of his heart and his care for our safety, removed himself from our family entirely. He knew that there were viruses like COVID-19 are in our world and that he could best protect us by eliminating all forms of communication. He doesn’t even send child support. What a hero! I’m glad that most of the world is beginning to embrace the practice of social distancing, I really am. But maybe if your fathers were more like mine, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with. So thanks, Dad. Wish we could elbow bump.



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