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Op-ed: My opinion on why we’re too politically divided is unique and deserves a biweekly column

Durham, NC—In a world that claims to be more tolerant than ever, as an Anarcho-Libertarian at Duke, I have never felt more silenced–particularly due to the backlash facing my recent attempt at writing for the Chronicle.

My column, which should have been running on alternate Tuesdays by now, distills the most contentious point surrounding the political landscape today into the very essence of why Duke politics doesn’t work: we need to consider all viewpoints and be more moderate.

As a conservative at Duke, we often feel oppressed, marginalized, and afraid to even exist simply because of who we are. The Chronicle is serving to uphold this systematic reverse racism by silencing my voice, citing “we have 4 of these dudes already” as a thinly veiled excuse for their POC-supremacist views.

Disagreements are integral to any evolving society, so without my column, how will the Duke Student body know that it’s okay to disagree with the masses?



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