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Op-Ed: Wait, they're deporting white students too?

When I first heard that ICE is planning to deport international students who are not taking in-person classes this Fall, I was unaffected. However, after learning that this order applies to white students from European countries as well, I am shocked and outraged.

White international students are the backbone of our University. They enrich all of our experiences with their exotic accents and tales of the romantic cities they were raised in.

What gives ICE the right to deport harmless white students who haven’t even done anything wrong? How heartless is this country to tear these light-skinned people from the Universities that they call home and send them back to the European countries they chose not to study in?

This order is also personal. John, the cute British guy that I met in my Pub Pol lecture last Spring, could be deported, in which case I wouldn’t have a date to formal. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

What’s the solution? Clearly, we need to abolish ICE—or at least the parts of ICE that deport white people.



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