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Op-Ed: We should have reformed Central Campus, not abolished it

DURHAM, NC—I’ll admit, Central Campus had some problems. Maybe the buildings were too old-fashioned, maybe the campus took up too much of campus funds, maybe the asbestos accidentally killed 13 students per year.

I know we tried for years and years to fix these issues, and I know it felt like nothing worked. But still, if we just remained patient, or even passive, maybe we could have fixed the campus.

But what can we do now?

For all of you saying you can just “stay somewhere else” or “use that money to renovate classrooms,” let me remind you: Central Campus is part of Duke history. This is how we’ve always done things, where we’ve always lived.

We’ll never move on without Central Campus. Duke will descend into complete chaos. And what the hell else can we do with all its funding?

You know, I heard that if we just made 8 small improvements to the buildings, we could have decreased the number of deaths by 72%.



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