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Opinion: Enough leaning in. Let's tell men to lean out. Of windows.

DURHAM, NC— The recent New York Times article asking men to “lean out” and reflect on their responsibility in pushing for gender equality has been creating waves of discussion. As a man, of course I had to assert myself here and push one further: how about we tell men to lean out. Of windows. Just fall to our deaths.

You know what’s the best way to fight wage inequality? Having no men to fight against. So the next time you’re in the boardroom as the token female that the men use to pat themselves on the back for, kindly suggest they lean back against the window so hard that the glass shatters and they fall to their timely deaths!

Oh, and that obnoxious dude who always uses the “boys will be boys” excuse for judging women’s looks? Yep, him too. Boys will be boys indeed — dead, from falling twenty stories down and splattered like mom’s spaghetti. Who’s really the ugly one now, huh?

Get ready, ladies, because the economy won’t go into a recession with so much business repairing broken glass going your way!

*Editor’s note: the writer never got to finish this article because he too leaned out of his window and has unfortunately passed away into the now male-dominated afterlife.



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