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P-Edge dissolves after members P-Cum

DURHAM, NC—In an effort to decrease Experiential Orientation program costs, P-Edge dissolves after administrations let members P-cum.

In the past year, the Experiential Orientation program underwent massive changes, expanding the pre-existing six pre-orientation programs, a move that students were not expecting and explicitly did not want. When the 1,740 first-year students arrived on campus this year, they were split into 18-week-long thematic programs that are “totally are not at all like the Stanford Prison Experiment.”

Notably, this change came with a steep price tag: the new Experiential Orientation program cost Duke $1 million more than the traditional O-week experience, according to Ben Adams, Interim Associate Dean of Students and Director of New Student and Family Programs.

To cut costs, Adams personally delivered 146 dildos to all P-Edge participants to help students climax.



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