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Q&A: Mirecourt rushee excited to fear own living space

DURHAM, NC— As rush season concludes, Duke students are often left with questions regarding the process. How do deliberations work? Who gets in, and who gets cut? Our team had one question today: why would anyone rush Mirecourt? Such intelligent students don’t generally compete with their peers to be left with brain damage and possible addictions after their undergraduate years. Here’s what one student, Todd Grackston (T’23), had to say:

The Fluke News: Why not rush less intense SLGs, like Brownstone or Illyria?

Todd Grackston: What can I say, I just want to fear the place where I live.

TFN: Could you elaborate on that?

TG: I don’t know… sort of like, felt as if I was going to die or some shit if I stayed long enough.

TFN: And that appealed to you?

TG: We all gotta die some day, right? Why not do it on West Campus with molly up my ass and a dick [drawn] on my forehead?

TFN: Still, a foreboding vibe like that is off-putting to most people.

TG: Just… think about how exciting that would be. To live in terror of the people surrounding your own dorm, your own bed, every night you come home. The soft power struggle that ensues in darkness and the constant grappling with death. You just can’t get that everywhere.

Todd is already planning to room in section with an upperclassman who has promised to teach him how to “tamp.”



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