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Rapper Flo Centi knew she should have dreamed bigger with her name

Staring wistfully out the window in her Atlanta home, local rapper Flo Centi sighed deeply as she placed her head into her hands.

“I knew my career was over once I saw Flo Milli blowing up on Tik Tok,” Centi lamented, “She’s a 100 million times bigger than me and there’s no avoiding that.”

The rapper then stood up and began to pace around the room, recounting the history of her prefix: “When I first chose my name, back in high school, I decided on Flo Ten because I’d be floatin’ on the beat. It worked for a while, but as I grew in popularity in my area, I wanted to elevate my brand ten-fold.”

Flo Centi then abruptly stopped pacing and froze for a few seconds before opening up about her internal struggle with self-confidence.

“I allowed my fear of failure to overtake my dream of what I was capable of as an artist,” she remarked with profound vulnerability, “Although I felt I had the potential to be a Flo Milli or even a Flo Giga, I sold myself short by settling on Flo Centi. While I do always keep it 100, I will never stop regretting what could’ve been...”



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