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Report: Even white friend thinks your self deprecating jokes about your race are "a little too much"

DURHAM, NC—While you have been using stereotypes of your own race to fit into your white friend group, your latest rounds of self-deprecating jokes involving a racial slur have gone too far even for your white friend, Michael Randolph.

“Honestly his jokes about Chinese people eating dogs or how I have ‘yellow fever’ were pretty funny, but him saying the c***k word was a line that even I couldn’t cross.” Randolph self-righteously announced after repeatedly using your racist jokes towards your race as a cover for his own.

Randolph rejected the notion that some of his own actions were racist in nature, stating “ok, fine, I have been using him like a vending machine for racist passes, but I am literally so anti-Trump and all the racism he represents; obviously I’m not racist!”

At press time, Randolph was spotted furiously commenting on the Duke meme facebook page about how jaded he is with Duke administration having created an oppressive and racist structure after the latest racist act on campus. He then turned to you: “Get it? ‘Jade’? Don’t you guys love that stuff” Before laughing at his own joke.



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