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Senior determined to have sex with the stacks to fulfill "unofficial graduation requirements"

PERKINS LIBRARY—In a frenzy to complete her “unofficial graduation requirements,” Duke senior Jenna Marks is determined to have sex with the stacks in Perkins.

“I heard about the unofficial graduation requirements and how you have to have hook up with the stacks from a friend freshman year,” she said as she walked towards the elevator on the main floor of Perkins. “Since I only have a few months left at Duke, it's time to finally go down on this library.”

Marks says that she’s uncertain of what to expect from her first time getting with Perkins lower level two. However, she has prepared by purchasing “lots of lube and a box of book sleeves.”

After engaging in sexual intercourse with the Perkins stacks, Marks plans to fulfill her next unofficial graduation requirement by doing the dirty with the Duke Gardens.



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