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Yas queen! A closer look at Somalia’s first “warlady”

MOGADISHU—Khadra Farah Ibrahim is being hailed internationally as a “feminist icon” for becoming the female in Somali history to seize power through violent revolution.

Born and raised in the southern port city of Kismayo, this girlboss knew she was “destined to rule over the common man through blood and fire.”

Beginning in late 2018, Ibrahim initiated her epic grassroots campaign towards total domination by recruiting child soldiers from local villages. One brave little soldier, a twelve year-old girl by the name of Bishaaro, commented that Ibrahim is an “inspiration and role model” for her.

Through a series of highly-coordinated attacks upon power plants, water processing facilities, and hospitals, Khadra took control of the majority of southern Somalia. Channeling her badass bitch energy, she silenced her political haters by ripping out their mansplaining tongues and feeding it to them.

While Ibrahim does not have an Instagram, a fan-made account, Queen.Khadra, has already amassed over 250,000 followers. The comments are overwhelmingly filled with support and admiration for this femme fatale: “Pop off Queen!”; “Slay LITERALLY!!!”; ““OMG girl you should totally drop a makeup line”; “Kill all men!”; “Goalzzzz”; “YGG!”

While the United Nations considers Ibrahim a “war criminal that has committed numerous human rights abuses,” we consider her a badass feminist queen that refuses to be controlled by the patriarchy, gender norms, or international law.



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