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Your roommate's not an introvert, they just hate you

EAST CAMPUS — While the awkward head nods, the forced smiles when you make eye contact, and the often absent responses to your attempts at small talk might make you think that your roommate’s an introvert, their Instagram post with other first-years at the same frat party you were at should probably give you a wake up call to realize your roommate really just fucking hates you.

Yes, Elizabeth, when your roommate leaves the room to “call her parents”, it was not because they were just another quiet, reserved freshman who prefers to keep to themselves, but because they’d rather spend more time with people they actually like.

By the way, if you’re still deluded into thinking that language barrier (even though that Jersey accent isn’t that strong?) or homesickness or because they were still going through puberty was the reason behind all the little passive aggressive things they did, you’re in for a rude awakening because your roommate just wanted to hide their blistering disgust for your entire existence.



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