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Aww! Guy in ethics class will order drone strikes one day

DURHAM, N.C—By all accounts, Jonathan Fields (T ’24) is an active and enthusiastic participant in Duke’s Human Rights Advocacy course, which focuses on human rights violations in the Middle East. Fields, an Econ major, credits the class with broadening his perspective and giving him a lens into the lives of displaced refugees and people in war-torn countries.

“This class has changed my worldview,” said Fields. “I never thought about those people having lives before, almost like mine. They’re so different, but really so similar in many ways.”

Classmates say that Fields is often the first to answer questions, sometimes choosing to carry on long, one-on-one conversations with the professor during class.

“It’ll be like thirty minutes into class, and Jonathan will have talked about eight times. I got the idea he was really into public service and humanitarian work,” said Lauren Horwitz (T ’25).

When asked if he had any desire to pursue a career in public service, Fields nodded enthusiastically. “Well, yes! In a way! I have an offer from Raytheon. So I’m going to have the opportunity to work with a bunch of diverse people, especially overseas.”

Fields refused to comment on any specifics regarding his future job role.




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