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Hopeful student thinks notification is a text, actually just Duo Push from Sakai

BAY AREA, CA––Picture this: You’re a 19-year-old Duke student. You spent all night texting your crush and they end the conversation with, “I’ll text you tomorrow ;)” It’s tomorrow. They haven’t texted yet, and you’re getting nervous. Just then, your phone buzzes. You grab it immediately, already crafting your witty response to whatever they said, but no. It’s not them. It’s Duo Mobile: “Login request: Shibboleth IdP.” You fool. You utter fool. You deserve to be crushed by this. You were literally just on Sakai. You were the one that told them to send the “Duo Push” to your phone. Maybe they’ll text you––maybe. But, for now, you have to dash your hopes and get back to your Sakai problem sets. Smh.



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