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Performing arts has found a new home: the Blackwell Arch

DURHAM, NC—Following successful DUI and Pitchforks shows, Blackwell House Council President, Thomas Spafford, announced their new plan to transition the arch to a fully fledged performing arts center.

“Here at Blackwell, we are always looking for new ways to bring people together and support artistic expression,“ commented Spafford. “We are so excited to be joining the ranks of DPAC, The Sydney Opera House, and that island from the Fyre Festival as an elite spot for the performing arts. We are going to work tirelessly with our team of RAs and our one of a kind RC to make sure our Arch is the number one performing arts destination this side of the Mississippi.”

A representative from Cirque Du Soleil confirmed that they would be bringing their production to the Arch and that “the Blackwell Arch presents us with a unique technical challenge as well as an intimate theatrical space where we feel we can really impact our audience.”

Spafford went out of his way to assure us that “this isn’t just because GA got Apple watches.”



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