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Uh oh: Proud dad doesn’t know if he should clap after Nazi song in Cabaret

DURHAM, NC—In the final performance of Hoof N’ Horn’s fall show, Cabaret, Junior Melissa Silot gave a powerful rendition of ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me,’ the Nazi anthem at the end of the first act. Unfortunately, her father, who spent $450 on a plane ticket to support her, is completely unsure if it would be socially acceptable to applaud.

“I just want to show her that I’m proud,” claimed her father Nathan Silot, “but also, it is a Nazi song.” He delved deeper into his predicament, “I’m just worried that I’ll send the wrong message. But at the same time, maybe it’s my emotional absence that’s driven her to fascism.”

As any sensible person would, Mr. Silot looked at those sitting near him for an example of how to handle the sticky situation, “It took them some time, but there were a handful of people clapping eventually. Then I tried clapping, but the dude next to me grabbed my hands and just shook his head.”

Mr. Silot is now dreading his upcoming trip back to Duke to see his daughter in the winter performance of The Wiz.



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